Tsubo Lab イノベーションで、世界をごきげんに、健康にする

Through innovation in health and medical fields,
we will make the world happier and healthier.

  • ドライアイ
  • 近視
  • 老眼




Tsubota Laboratory, a startup from Keio University, develops innovative solutions for myopia, dry eyes and presbyopia.

Through innovation in health and medical fields, we will make the world happier and healthier.
We will expand the possibility of our partner companies by revolutionary medicine, supplements, medical devices and health products that are developed based on science.


Development of Innovative Treatment for Dry Eye

Based on the knowledge of our Founding Scientist, Prof. Kazuo Tsubota, we are working on the development of innovative treatment, prevention and medical devices on dry eyes. An evidence-based dietary supplement for prevention and also simple diagnostic tools have been developed. Our challenges continue to develop a patent-pending novel medical device to moisten  the eyes.

Myopia Prevention for Kids!

To stop the global increase of myopia, we are doing research on a novel violet light theory. Our dream is to protect children from myopia through our new myopia prevention method and clinical applications. Besides medical approaches, we believe there exist factors in our lifestyle to worsen myopia, for which we will offer evidence based solutions. Myopia is a risk factor for blindness. Our hope is to protect kids from myopia and offer the healthy vision life.

Innovative Solutions for Presbyopia

Presbyopia can be considered as a sign of aging, not only in eyes but the entire body. It has been thought inevitable under the aging process, and the most common solution that clinicians provide is still “reading glasses”. We are developing anti-oxidant supplement for prevention, as well as measurement techniques for the stiffness of crystalline lens.




Tsubota Laboratory, Inc.
February 19th 2015
Paid-in Capital:
156,850,000 yen
President and CEO:
Shintaro Yamada
Founding Scientist:
Kazuo Tsubota
Professor in Department of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine
Aoyama KK Building, 8th Floor, 2-26-35 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo
107-0062 JAPAN


坪田一男 / Kazuo Tsubota
坪田一男 / Kazuo Tsubota,
Professor in Department of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine
  • 慶應義塾大学医学部卒業。
  • ハーバート大学角膜クリニカルフェロー修了。世界に先駆けた、角膜上皮の幹細胞移植による再生治療の実績で注目を集めた。
  • また、ドライアイにいち早く着目し、数多くの論文を発表。
  • 角膜移植の分野では、日本のアイバンクにアメリカ式のシステムを導入し新しい医療を展開。
  • 日本抗加齢医学会前理事長、ドライアイ研究会世話人代表
  • Kazuo Tsubota, MD
  • Professor of Department of Ophthalmology,
  • Keio University School of Medicine
  • World’s most prolific researcher in the dry eye field
  • World’s first corneal epithelial stem-cell transplantation
  • LASIK: Chief surgeon at Minami-aoyama Eye Clinic
  • President of Myopia Society Japan
  • Former President of Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • President of Cataract Foundation Japan
  • Chief editor of “npj-Aging and Mechanisms of Disease” magazine
  • Currently in the Executive MBA course of Keio Business School

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